The Sites


The City

This map shows developments around cambridge. Bright green shows the Green belt developments. Purple sites are areas of major change ( non Green Belt development). It shows the large amount of development planned and how this will substantially change the shape and feel of the city.

Number of dwellings in city (2011): 48,000
New dwellings in local plan: 14,000
increase: 29%

New Dwellings in Green Belt: 460
New Dwellings in local plan: 14,000
ratio of new build on Green Belt: 3.2 %


Worts Causeway

The map shows the two sites either side of Worts Causeway. The sites include:

  • two footpaths
  • an area of Local Nature Conservation Importance
  • a bat roost
  • buildings of local interest

An additional concern for many is the impact of the extra traffic that will be generated.


Fulbourn Road

Two adjacent sites behind housing on Fulbourn road in Cherry Hinton. The sites are next to two nature reserves:

  • Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
  • site of Local Conservation Importance

These sites will be for commercial use rather than housing.

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