Monday 30th September – Petition Handover to City Council

At 12:30pm on Monday 30th September the Save The Green Belt Campaign will be handing over the petition to the Cambridge City Council at the Guildhall.

Supporters are welcome to attend and show their support.

Speaking out regarding its protection, local residents comments on the petition website included:

“I believe the volume and scale of house building in Cambridge is excessive in the extreme and completely out of control. The heart and soul of what was once a beautiful city has been destroyed. Just look at the unmanageable traffic. Don’t let the destruction of this city and surrounding area continue.”

“I have lived in Cambridge for nearly eighty years and have seen the countryside disappear at an alarming rate. The Green Belt should be kept for a corridor for wildlife and to stopCambridge from becoming like other large cities and towns, nothing but a concrete jungle.”

“Cambridge is a unique city. Its academic and historic character, its compact size and setting – surrounded by beautiful countryside – is what makes it unique. I chose to live here because Cambridge offers me all this: city amenities, beautiful countryside and thesense of belonging to a caring, ecologically responsible community. Urban sprawl will destroy the unique character of Cambridge – and once it’s gone,we’ll never get it back.”

“As a former long-time resident of Cambridge, I cannot express strongly enough how important the Green Belt around Cambridge is and should not be developed. The Green Belt contributes significantly to the beauty and character of Cambridge as a whole. Development would only bring further congestion to the city and surrounding areas, along with parking, school problems and water issues. …. I should add I was never a homeowner in Cambridge and could not afford to buy. I am acutely aware of the problem facing many people who want to live in Cambridge but despite all this I strongly disagree with any proposed further development of the city’s environs on Green Belt land. Please do not do this terrible thing.”

Peter Swallowe from the Save the Green Belt group said: “The Save the Green Belt group would like to thank everybody who signed the petition. We’re delighted to have gathered almost 2,000 signatures in just a few short weeks. The process used to object to the development of the Green Belt is so complex that many people feel unable to make their opinions and wishes clear to the City Council. We think the petition shows the strength of feeling there is against the destruction of Cambridge’s Green Belt not only here in the city, but all over Britain and worldwide. We hope local councils representatives – and the planning inspectorate – take note.”


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